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If you are admitted to the Hospital, a neurosurgery team headed by Dr. Barry, will care for you. Other team members typically include nurse practitioners, nurses, physical therapists, case managers, and consulting physicians among others.


Before Surgery

Prior to going back to the operating room, you will be prepared for surgery including answering questions about your current medical condition, meeting your anesthesiologist, and operating room staff that will be helping during your operation. Feel free to ask any remaining questions you may have to these team members. This is a good time to ask questions and make requests of your anesthesiologist concerning pain control, nausea and other issues you may have. The region of your body where your surgery will take place will also be identified and marked during this time period.

Due to a number of factors that are not under our control, the time of your procedure may vary from what you may have expected. Some operations take longer than expected. Some operations may be canceled just before surgery for a number of reasons. Some team members may need to complete a task prior to committing their entire attention to your care. As a result of these possibilities, you may elect to adjust to the schedule accordingly, or you may elect to reschedule your procedure. Feel free to discuss these issues with your pre-operative staff. Dr. Barry may or may not be available to help in this decision making process as he may be dedicating all of his attention to another patient during their operation.


During Surgery

During your procedure, the team will be focusing their activity on you. Everyone has a very particular role that they know well and perform daily. Your nurse will update available family members at particular intervals. We DO NOT accept questions from family members DURING the procedure, as this is disruptive to the process. Remember that each operation represents a series of issues that are dealt with until the procedure is over. Some issues may require more or less time than anticipated, thereby extending or shortening the total operative time. It is important that family members understand this so they do not become worried by the length of the procedure.


After Surgery

When your procedure has ended, your anesthesiologist will control your waking up, and immediate post operative pain control. You will be transported to the recovery room. While you are recovering there, Dr. Barry will discuss the pertinent Intraoperative events with your family according to your wishes. He will also answer their questions at that time.

After a brief recovery period, you will be taken to your room where you will receive your postoperative care. Team members will make rounds each day. Dr. Barry will review your care each day. All critical decisions about your treatment will be made by him. Team members will address questions about your care and, at your request, communicate with your family. Any change in your condition will be conveyed to the physician's assistant who discusses your care with Dr. Barry.

Responsibility for your care rests with Dr. Barry, who visits patients after surgery according to his schedule.


Being Discharged

Once you have been medically stable, tolerating a regular diet, with good pain control and you are able to be active, you may be ready to be discharged. The decision to be discharged is made by you, Dr. Barry, and other team members. You will be given prescriptions appropriate for you and discharge instructions. Feel free to ask any questions you may have, realizing that you can call for questions at any time after you leave the hospital.