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Mon-Thurs- 9 am to 4 pm.
1257 E. 33rd St, Edmond, OK 73013


"Dr. Barry is the best neurosurgeon in the area."
-Mary, Edmond



"I will only use Dr. Barry for his specialty services."
-Kimberly, Midwest City



"Professional courtesy and kindness are just a few of Dr. Barry’s attributes. I was extremely please with Dr. Barry. He always takes the needed time and never rushes his patients. He is a great doctor and kind man."
-Audy, Del City



"My biggest concern about a doctor is their ability. Dr. Barry has that pegged!"
-Renea, Del City



"Dr. Barry gave genuine concern and attention to my condition and he always explained the reasons for his care."
-Bill, Choctaw



"I would refer anyone to Dr. Barry. His skill and expertise were fantastic. Dr. Barry has a great personality and I feel he gave me personal attention."
-Rosalie, Del City



"In September 20007, I began experiencing pain that started in my neck and progressed to my left arm and shoulder. I then started losing strength in my left arm, had a very difficult time sleeping because of the pain and had to quit playing golf.

In late October an MRI revealed that I had a ruptured disc and I began to research my treatment options. Although standard treatment in the past has been spinal fusion surgery, a friend informed me of a new procedure called the prestige disc. My insurance covered the new procedure and, after much research, I selected Dr. Barry to perform the surgery.

At my first appointment, Dr. Barry was very informative about my options and I chose to go with the prestige disc. He told me that my range of motion would be better, the healing process would be much quicker and that the bulging discs I have around the ruptured disc would be less likely to rupture with the prestige disc rather than the spinal fusion.

When I went in for the surgery, all of Dr. Barry's staff and the hospital staff at St. Anthony's made sure that I was comfortable and well taken care of. The surgery was an incredible success. I could tell an immediate difference in how my neck and shoulder felt. After three weeks of physical therapy, I felt like a new man.

In less than six months after surgery, I was able to resume all my previous activities and experience a normal lifestyle because I am without pain and have a full range of motion. I have talked with friends who have undergone spinal fusion surgery and they are totally amazed the progress I have made with the prestige disc.

I am so thankful for the gifts and talents of Dr. Barry. His warm personality and communication skills brought a great level of comfort to me and my wife. I have, and will, continue to recommend the prestige disc, and Dr. Christopher Barry."
-David Hodges, Oklahoma City



"Dr. Barry really put my mind at ease about the various treatment options. I didn’t think there was anything else that could be done to treat me, but Dr. Barry gave me hope by way of non-surgical options. He was awesome!"
-Russ, Norman



"Dr. Barry is an excellent doctor with outstanding knowledge and skills in surgical procedures."
-Chris, Oklahoma City